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Welcome to Ecchi’s Palace of the Bizarre! If you found this place then you should know what you’re in for, but, if you don’t, let me fill you in. This wonderful little blog is where I’ll be posting all of the insane, extreme, and over the top hardcore work they wouldn’t let me post on other sites (and by ‘they’, I mean ‘me’ worrying about the sanity of my fans, lol) In case you weren’t scared off by that, I’ll let you know what type of content you find by looking around here!

“Gigantic cocks, mammoth veins, enormous tits, huge nipples, massive clits, over-sized dildos, major prolapse, watersports, scat, oversized and extremely loose pussies, urethra play, massive insertion, impaling, multi-cock,  and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of cum, everything hyper from head to toe”

If there’s one thing in there that churns your stomach in all the wrong ways, then this probably isn’t the gallery for you.