Requests Board

Welcome to the very special requests page of Ecchi’s Bizarre Palace. If you had an idea burning in your heart to share with me, or suggestions for future works, sexy ideas you would like like to see worked in, then this is the place to be. Leave a comment here for me to look over and if it piques my interest, then I may just bring you’re idea to life. Just a few rules and tips to go over that will encourage getting your requests drawn for all to see :).

1. Don’t be demanding:
If I don’t get to your request or it doesn’t really fit my style or interest, don’t get upset as if you were promised the picture, just be patient or try another idea!

2. Try to be clear:
Now I know in the “heat of passion” you could simply just be spelling out every kinky thought you’ve ever had(been there before), but if it turns out to be illegible, or too chaotic, then there’s really not much I can do get started.

3. Don’t be greedy:
You may have a ton of genius ideas ready to go and post, but please don’t spam the thread with it. Let other people have their turn to get something done. Especially if I have done many of your requests already.

4. Keep it Simple:
This one ties back into #2. If you get a bit too overzealous and descriptive, then that has a good chance of lowering my creativity with what i can do with the picture, and that will lower its over all quality. So all you need to do is keep the concept open for interpretation and changes.

5. It’s about pleasure ^_-:
Despite what it may seem like, all of the craziness that occurs throughout my gallery stems from the ultimate goal of seeking pleasure and satisfaction. Stuff like domination, violent intent,nasty content just for the sake of it or out of a sadistic reason is something I’m really not into, and is probably the surest way to have me lose interest in the request.

Alright! With that out of the way, let your freak flag fly and start posting those wild fantasies and character who are ready to get sexy, bizarre, and over the top!

42 comments on “Requests Board

  1. I think a complete bladder prolapse could be very interesting to see.

    Alternatively, some more urethra insertions (both futa and female) in your unmistakable style would be welcome. Also, hyper-vomit (partly because no one else does that).


  2. How about a transformation/bimbofication sequence?

    Start with an average looking/proportioned girl who gradually transforms and has her breasts and nipples grow to massive proportions, with tons of increasing lactation. Simultaneously, her pussy grows to massive size, starting with a growing, erect clit and eventually the lips and rest of the pussy, with her constantly cumming, lactating and orgasming at towards the end, while using larger and larger insertions.

    Here are some ideas for how she transforms:
    A) Some type of drink
    B) Injections/experiments by a mad scientist/aliens
    C) Mutation/exposure of any kind

    You might wanna check this gallery for a reference:


  3. I would love to see more gigantic clits. A step by step transformation would be cool, showing the woman go from normal to extreme would be really neat too (have her “Hulk-out” but with clit, labia, nipples, breasts and ass growing instead of muscles), but mainly I would love to see more giant clits on here.


    • I concur with Doomington. This transformation would also be particularly cool if it was included with her growth ripping through her clothes, again following the “Hulk-Out” theme.


  4. Three words, my friend: Shitting. Dick. Nipples. Out of all the insane and genuinely creative things you’ve managed to do with scat, this is one of those that seems to have been overlooked.

    I have in my mind a two part picture/comic thing: a bitchy loli schoolgirl chick (A Preppy Teen’s Secret) challenges one of your more weightier ladies (think Pasha with boobs to match. Hell, you could probably even make it the Exchange Student for continuity’s sake!) to a scat contest, confident she’ll win because the thicker ladies are never able to push the huge ones out. Maybe she can have a huge buttplug up her ass and say that she needs it to keep it all inside her or else she’d be shitting everywhere all the time. I think it’d be interesting to see a comparison of both body types that you often draw side by side.

    The next page she gets pissed while she’s straining an absolutely massive log (6 to 10 feet across) out of her ass while the bigger girl is easily pushing twin rivers almost as big out her gigantic horsecock nipples. It could be set up kind of like the Lavina vs Samus picture with dialog boxes running down the sides for some playful banter.

    Whew, that took longer to type than it had any right to and I got a feeling you know why. Just gotta say it feels great being able to put my fantasies out there for people who understand to see. You opened my eyes to the possibilities of hyper scat, Ecchi, and I hope you’ll consider my idea.


  5. I would like to see alicia getting, even more so, vaganally destroyed by sombody (not persay olivia) but sombody with a lot of big cocks. Other than that add whatever you think compliments the picture, just no Scat. That’s the only thing I don’t care for here.


  6. I’ve been a fan of humongous cocks on women. Impossibly huge cocks. Cocks bigger than even you’ve drawn. Cocks bigger than anyone has ever drawn. I would personally love to see you draw a woman, a goth girl, with the biggest cock in history. Many times bigger than any cock you’ve ever drawn. A damned near endless cock.

    It’d be cool if she had huge, massive muscles as well, but that’s not mandatory. What I’d want to see is the endless, impossibly long and immeasurably huge cock.


  7. i wanna see your nerd girl shit so much that it literally covers the planet in shit then shes like oh i can do more do y ou need me to shit into a black hole until its filled up, in fact that would be sexy as well her shitting so much she blocks up a black hole


  8. There’s surprisingly little going on with or into your characters’ mouths. Their pouty lips are almost conspicuously unfucked. That said, more urethra sex and insertion would be neat, especially with those giant penises – they could fit anything! Your latest update involves hyper scat and a lot of unfilled mouths and cocks. Food (ew) for thought.


  9. I think that some good ol’ Horsecock is in order! Could you try doing some? Oh! I think all of us would love to see a line up of all the characters too. That would be amazing!


  10. How about two BBW herms on the beach with huge lactating breasts and they each have a huge sac with multiple balls stacked in rows on the sandy beach. When they see the roaring waves of the ocean their many balls start churning and they’re foreskined penises, now partially erect revealing a legion of herm penises began secreting precum in excitement, especially one of the bbw’s as shi is siting on her huge sac with her bobbling mound of balls start churning wildly, releasing their preload at a heavier flow. And they are both eating funnel cake like nothings happening.


  11. Increasingly, I’ve become more fond of your take on women with enormous, vein-y cocks/giant clits. But personally, I am turned off as soon as I see testicles. If possible, it would be nice to include more dick/giant clit girls, but with the balls and no-balls versions.


  12. I would love to see how detailed you can get with a more “facing the viewer” type picture. not just the face but the whole body. Open pussies, urethras, asses, nipples, and maybe include more urethral penetrations. it is hard to find good quality futa cock in cock pictures.


  13. I have been trying to find an artist to draw lesbian scat play for a while now and stumbled upon this site. I have a ton of different ideas that I would love to have done, but my first on I think would be more interesting: a Hispanic female teacher disciplining a very young, Hispanic female student who got detention for doing drugs in school. She disciplines her student by shitting into her mouth and forcing her to eat it.


  14. My idea is more of a scene built around a very bottom heavy pear shaped character, twin horse cocks, huge swollen pucker and cunt and is pretty much the boss of a company, wearing blouses that do nothing to hold her breasts and a short skirt and thong that pretty much is decoration considering her massive quad balls. The scene would be her teaching a new intern how to handle stress, carelessly pumping a mix of cum and piss in to her now stretched wide and gaping ass(Lots of stomach deformation and huge belly), however the chair she is sitting on is pretty much a toilet, holding another intern in place, with their wide open, having incredible log of shit being force down their throat, expanding their stomach beyond belief with it and having no where to escape with them being shackled their.


  15. Salutations! As you might understand, I’m one of your fans, and I’d like to see my idea getting done ^^ How about a cute gothic lolita with a mega hyper cock cums hundreds of gallons inside a small girl’s asshole, inflating her belly a lot, but this girl is actually puking all of the cum that is pumped into her inside another woman’s mouth?


  16. hi…what about smoking fetish futanari girl? smoke with long cigarette holder….giant cigar…smoke outo of pussy and giant titts….


  17. Can you please draw Oliva Macro Hyper erect fucking her loli students all the way through, or filling them like condoms? PS, Im a massive fan of your hyper work, its really to die for.


  18. Although we shouldn’t expect any more drawings on here, do you think there might be a continuation of the hardcore stories? 🙂


  19. Why not a Portal Version. Where a woman shitting into a Portal, and it’s coming out of the right in front her her. But it so much she can hardly swallow everything, and here breast leaking losts of milk into a second one and falling like a shower onto her form above. While a heavy long ponytail is falling abort from her left shoulder, Long enought to cover the floor.


  20. Why not a very hyper hourglass security guard milf, with massive tits (bowling ball size ducts that constantly ooze the thickest of cream), and huge ass, with a 10 foot lengthy cock with a good 3 feet of girth with 2 feet of foreskin filled with hot, thick, sweaty smegma, and huge testicles, and a even more insane prolapse to match. She uses her own prolapse as a cock sleeve/butt plug, else it would drag carelessly behind her, constantly spewing out loads of shit as she wanders about once if she pulls it out. She is extremely dirty, feeling no need to wash her dick with it always being crammed inside her own ass, which often leads to her cumming and pissing inside her own shit filled bowels as she waits for that lucky criminal to be caught in her clutches so she can give them a taste of justice like no other. She loves making others prolapse as much as her, but even more, she enjoys fucking people with her prolapse, filling them with her waste, cramming it down there throat/cunt/asshole/urethra, nothing is sacred to her. She shows no mercy, and has been known to parade around with criminals young and old skewered on her massive dick, loving to see them spewing her mix of shit and cum from their mouths before taking them to jail with their ass and cunts gaping, prolapsed and sometimes tied when she wants to make them in to her special dump for the night.


  21. How about a succubus penetrate the breasts of an holy maid with 2 long thick cock and forced the nipple spread extremly appart and fill them entirely with hot creamy Juice.


      • Nice this is going to corruption of a loyal servant of the lord and turning into a vessel of pleasure. She would be look great with a Extreme Female charisma and facial feature. She should be naked and wear garter belt and net stockings. it would be funny if her braid where plucked in her back gap.


  22. Did you ever draw a character with super Long hair, who carry her hair in all sort of places in her Body, like in her breast, her pussy and her ass ?. She could be also a bit chubby because the mass of her deform her entire Body and make her Breast and huge.


  23. If possible i’d like to see Harley Quinn, with her New 52 suit (well, corset), trying to put her giant dick between her huge boobs, and under her corset (a noticeable size would be a dick taller than her, with balls of the same size..)


  24. Here’s something I don’t think I’ve seen you do before: unbirth. Seems like the natural progression of things, perhaps even something that should’ve happened earler. but I can’t for the life of me think of a time when I’ve seen you do it.

    Here’s an idea I had for a sketch comic that’s been eating away at me for a while Two hyper lesbian girls, aged 18 and 12, are celebrating their anniversary. Pepper (A tall, dark skinned, dog cocked futanari) has told her girlfriend Faith (A pale four foot nothing loli with no breasts but an enormous ass) to sneak to the Waterfall High stables, where all the monster girls are kept, in particular centaurs. They find a hyper futa breeding mare, (Named Caya for the purposes of this request) with the entire block and tacle, asleep tied up to a post. For their anniversary, Pepper has drugged Caya and wants to fuck Faith inside of the unconcious mare’s womb.

    Panel 1: Pepper is chomping on Caya’s donut, tonguing and biting the hairy, shit coated orifice vigorously while Faith is climbing inside the centaur’s gaping cunt. She’s almost halfway in and Pepper’s four foot cock is spreading precum and slime all over her bubbly ass.

    Panel 2: Pepper and Faith are fucking like like dogs, both ass to ass. Faith is chewing on Caya’s womb, sucking and tonguefucking the tight orifice. While being crushed inside of Caya’s sticky vaginal walls, Pepper is orgasming like crazy, spraying cum out of Faith’s tight underage cunny, but unbeknownst to them….

    Panel 3: The Rancher, (A muscle futa with a massive sixteen foot horsecock, tits like liferafts and really cute pigtails) stands behind Caya, ready to stab her dick deep within the mare’s leathery folds and bust a nut she’s been holding all day. With a single stab she impales both Faith and Pepper, and begins to jackhammer away at the mare’s poor, abused cunt.

    Panel 4: The Rancher pulls out, unleashing an ocean of cum onto the ground and revealing two very scared girls impaled on her cock.

    Panel 5: The eventual fate of the two trespassers is revealed in a double wide panel. Faith is tied to a fence and is being used as a stress ball filled with cum for the herm mares and for the rancher herself. Her belly extends over an entire field and her womb is packed to bursting with cum, kept in by a buttplug almost twelve feet across. Pepper has had an anti-cumming device inserted into her urethra and has been desperately throatfucking Faith for the past month in a furious attempt to come.


  25. Three ideas:

    1. A girl riding a cock while shitting into it

    2. A panel comic showing a smaller girl being fucked by a cock before the bigger girl folds her foreskin over her and tying a knot. You can probably imagine what comes next.

    3. Inspired by Farn’s idea. A hair growth image where someone lets their grow longer in someone’s mouth. Eventually filling them with hair as well as coming out of them. Panel would be ideal but your the artist here.


  26. Have you ever heard about “mutual penetration”?
    It where two futas fuck each other’s pussy at the same time.
    I have a fetish for Futa, twins, mutual penetration, symmetry, and basically most of YOUR fetishes. (Big cocks, big pussy, loads of cum, dicks bulging through stomachs, etc.)

    My request: I would like to see some mutual penetration action with your artistic flare.
    If you’re having trouble visualizing it, and if you have an account,
    here is a link to a compilation of Mutual Penetrations I found on the internet.
    hopefully, I’ll add your’s soon too. 😀 *fingers crossed*


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