4 comments on “Kat Kalimero: A Show for the Paparazzi

  1. The Expression on her face is fabulous, the pure mixture of seeking pleasure and amusing combinated with that wide open back door and the awkward puffy nipples. Also the natural pose for giving the best shots of brick loads. Show that she knew exactly what she do.


  2. That face absolutely makes it, man. Having insane scenarios is pointless when you can’t show how much the characters are enjoying it. Then you just turn into Koufu. The shading is really good too, and it makes the scat look natural and disgusting.

    Also, your writing is the tits. I’ll say it now so I don’t repeat myself. Puts my shit to shame, even I can see that. It’s short. sweet, and manages to cram more deviant stuff than should be possible in four panels. This, more than anything is what I want to see more of. Obviously you should make whatever makes you happiest, but I think this is the best way to combine your stories and art. It works really well, dude. Mad props for finding this medium.


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